Monday 27 August 2012

Beginning of the autumn season?

Lighthouses are often constituted by large and specialized buidlings, and they do require a lot of maintenance. In the earlier days, they were manned and well kept throughout the year, but today, they are all automatized. Many of them have entered a new stage in life, usually connected with tourism.
This is why the Coastal Administration, owner of these "Cathedrals of the coast" called for a meeting with their "lodgers" from the counties of Troms and Finnmark at Slettnes last weekend. Who should do what in order to keep these gems of our coastal cultural heritage in the shape they deserve?
Enjoying good discussions and the highest temperatures so far this year, several issues were touched upon in a way that will surely make things easier for all, including the venerable buildings. Thanks to all participants!
Special thanks to Kjell Ove Hveding from Sommarøy and Hekkingen lighthouse in Troms for this beautiful picture.

Kjell Ove Hveding (Hekkingen) Sonja Karlsen (Torsvåg) Torstein Johnsrud (Slettnes) Helge Sterk (Bøkfjord) and Jan Erik Bengtsson (Fruholmen) enjoying temperatures above and wind strenghts below the Slettnes average.